Traders Of The Lost Arcs #4 – “The Trial Of Yellow Jacket”

On this episode of Traders of the Lost Arcs, the Basement crew looks at a story from 1981 that would shock those that only know the Marvel Cinematic Universe vs. Comics versions of Hank Pym & Janet Van Dyne, “The Trial of Yellow Jacket.” (Collecting Avengers Vol. 1.  #212-213, 217, 224, 227-230. )Topics include;  The “slap”, Hank Pym’s inferiority complex and bad choices, Jim Shooter dialogue cringe,  the main villain choice of Egghead, Tony Stark and Janet’s love affair while Hank is in jail, chauvinistic Hawkeye, the debut of some now well known MCU characters, did this story change the course of the Ant Man in the movies, the lack of “avenging” and so much more! If you are an MCU fan and have never read the comics or even if you have read the comics, do not miss this one its a shocker!