Thoughts I Think… Heading into TLC 2015


  • The ratings dip continues for WWE as this week’s show checked in at their lowest nadir since moving to three hours. After a bump last week, they weren’t able to maintain any momentum heading into their final PPV of the year. Is a sub 2.0 rating far off? The company may be saved by WrestleMania season arriving. We talked plenty about ratings right here last week as well as on the Kevin Kelly Show, so check those out for further thoughts.
  • On paper, TLC could be a feisty show and generally the offerings with super low expectations can tend to over-deliver at times. However, this is certainly a PPV where the main event will make or break the overall perception. Sheamus and Roman Reigns are certainly capable of delivering a hard hitting, well worked brawl and the Boston crowd is generally a hot one, so the potential pieces are all there, however with the current overall fan apathy for both guys you have to wonder if they have enough in the tank to deliver a high level bout that would satiate the viewers.
  • Also, based on the results from Raw, between the big brawl and the fact that Reigns pinned Sheamus clean in the giant four way match, you have to wonder if they are going to have Reigns choke away another title match. Now, Reigns could win and just be established as clearly better but between those results and the hyperdrive push for the League of Nations, the result of this match is much murkier than it was a couple of weeks ago. They really need to just get Reigns the title and begin the run so they can assess what he can be. If they want to hold off on that, fine, but he can’t keep blowing matches like this if they envision him as a long term torchbearer. Pull the trigger.
  • Official predictions for Sunday: Sheamus, Kevin Owens, New Day, Charlotte, Team Extreme, Alberto Del Rio… which is a very heel heavy slate meaning one champion may fall. As of now, I am not sure who though.
  • The story making the rounds this week is that all of the Stampede Wrestling footage that was uploaded to the Network last week was yanked down quietly on Monday. Word is that Bret Hart is actually the rights holder to some of the footage and had requested it be taken down until the proper payments and permissions were granted. Now, I am not sure if this is a “crossing Ts, dotting Is” type of thing or if the Hitman is sticking it to them, but the subscribers lose either way. Hopefully things get sorted out quickly and the content dump continues because much equity was built with viewers with that week of uploads. Plus, we all need more Ed Whalen in our lives!
  • With four weeks to go, the NFL playoff picture is a big messy thanks to some injuries, surges and slumps. The Chiefs are coming on strong and with a soft schedule ahead, they seem like a Wild Card lock. Looks like the sixth AFC slot will come down to the Steelers and Jets at this point. And who can predict the NFC East? What a dumpster fire… the Eagles looked the best this week but as we have seen that means nothing. Playoff Predictions: Patriots, Bengals, Texans, Broncos, Chiefs, Jets (homer!); Eagles, Packers, Panthers, Cardinals, Seahawks, Vikings
  • If you are attending TLC, reach out to us on social media and let us know! We will have a large PTBN contingent in the TD Garden and we would love to say hello to any readers!