SPACE CITY! – An NWA on Demand Podcast 1-25-17

Pete and Johnny discuss a wide variety of releases on

1. Ken Patera vs Steve Pardee 11/16/79
2. A Paul Boesch Public Service Announcement
-Is Screaming a good form of self defense for women?
3.Estela Molina vs La Pantera Surena (Houston 8/22/80)
-A real hidden gem of early Luchadoras.
4.Great Scott vs Mr. Moto
5.Tony Atlas vs Jerry Brown 2/22/80
-Atlas advertises his fetish on a shirt. Pete and Johnny speculate.
6. Dick Slater/Tom Pritchard/Manny Fernandez angle
-Thoughts on Tom Pritchard
7.Spoiler vs Bruiser Brody 11/16/79
-Pete speculates on why Brody has looked better in Houston with an assist from Johnny.
8. Get the tubio app and cast to your roku from your phone.