This Week in Wrestling for September 5, 2015

Let's kick it to Raw!
Let’s kick it to Raw!

It’s time to talk This Week in Wrestling.

Pete & Steven are here for the first fall (1:21) and start with the NWA Classics match of the week. They look at the previously unreleased Fantastics vs Midnight Express match. How does it rank in their series? It’s then time to look at PWG Threemendous IV from July. If you are a PWG fan, you may want to skip this review.

In the second fall (50:50) Pete and Steven go international and as we look at Revolution Pro TV from YouTube. A quick show worth a watch. Pete then looks through the history of WIll Ospreay and Jimmy Havoc feud from Progress. Pete also runs down the latest NJPW show which had the debuting CJ Parker and we end the fall talking a really awesome lucha match from CMLL featuring Dr. Wagner Jr., La Sombra & Rush vs Atlantis, LA Park & Volador Jr.

In the third fall (1:19:09) Steven tags out to Johnny to tackle the Jimmy Snuka case. They move on to NXT and discuss the beginnings of the Dusty Rhodes Classic! Finally it’s time for Raw! All the main news items are discussed from the Dudley Boyz, Strowman to what they heck are they thinking with the beat the clock stip for the Divas segments? The whole deal with Sting is explored as well as if the Summer Rae-Lana angle was stolen from an episode of Baywatch. Also why didn’t they air the Cesaro-Owens match on Hulu Plus?

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