This Week In Wrestling 8/21/16


Fall one

Pete and Johnny talk about a bloodbath of a cage match from NWA ON Demand with Steve Williams vs Michael Hayes. The only time in wrestling the guys saw this happen post match. Listen and find out. We also discuss current ROH tv.

Fall 2

Pete and Timothy discuss the final match of the G1. Then they talk the 2 days of Scenic City Invitational. Here what the boys have to say. Is the hype to be believed. Hear what we think.

Fall 3

All things WWE. We love The Brian Kendrick. Is Samoa Joe MVP this year? The boys break it down. They talk about the Sting interview with JBL and RAW and Smackdown. Hear what they like in common Foley. What they disagree about. Hint it deals with Reigns and Rusev.

00:00:30 Fall 1

00:16:30 Fall 2

01:44:00 Fall 3

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