This Week in Wrestling 7/24/16


Fall 1

Pete and Johnny discuss an incredible tag match from NWA On Demand. 1/11/80 is Mr. Hito/Sakurada vs Jose Lothario/Tiger Conway Jr. Then they look at the latest ROH tv show and it’s the Jay White show.

Fall 2

Pete and Timothy break down LU Ultimo Dos Night 3. Then It’s Weaver Cup time on CWF Mid Atlantic . CWF Mid-Atlanic is the biggest secret in wrestling. Then they break down the G1 night one and 2. Then look at night 1 of NJ ‘s J-Cup.

Fall 3

Pete and Johnny discuss all things WWE. We discuss NXT. We flip opinions on commentary about the CWC. We look at the highs and lows of RAW. They conclude with the draft. Shocker they disagree about the depth.


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00:48:27 fall 2
02:56:40 fall 3

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