This Week in Wrestling 7-3-16


Fall 1

Pete and Johnny look at the NWA On Demand match of Paul Boesch vs George Harris the 3rd from 8/13/71 . What actor does Harris remind Johnny of? This is truly an epic find.

Fall 2

Pete and Timothy look at the go home show of Ultima Lucha 2. Then they shift gears and discuss the pros and cons of the ROH ppv. Why a show that didn’t have a bad match left a bad taste in a lot of people’s mouths. Then we discuss the latest Progress show ch 31. Hero steals another show? See what the guys think.

Fall 3

Pete and Johnny look at NXT and RAW. How excited are they about Battleground. What’s working and what isn’t according to the guys.

00:00:28 Fall 1

00:07:08 ROH Women of Honor non-reivew

00:10:55 NWA On Demand Paul Boesch vs George Harris the 3rd

00:29:27 Fall 2

00:32:40 Lucha Underground

00:49:50 ROH Best In The World

01:43:53 Progress Ch. 31 All Hail The New Puritans

02:15:13 Fall 3

02:15:22 NXT

02:33:20 WWE RAW

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