This Week in Wrestling 7-10-16


Fall 1

Pete and Johnny look at NWA On Demands match of 9/12/80 of Les Thornton vs Don Diamond. Pete breaks down the match.Then we look at the Highspots gimmick of Developmentally Speaking with Brian Myers,Bull James,Matt Sydal , and Rob Naylor. Pete and Johnny talk about the shoot interview.

Fall 2

Pete and Timothy talk about Lucha Underground’s Ultima Dos Night 1. What they would have done differently, and why. Then they breakdown NJPW Kizuna Road show. Hear what they liked and didn’t like. They close it out with Progress Ch 32. The guys talk what worked and what didn’t. They analyze the booking of the show.

Fall 3

Pete and Johnny mark out over the Cruiserweight Classic hype show. Find out who they want to win. Johnny’s fantasy booking of Brian Kendrick. NXT puts on a killer show. Pete’s grudge against Cheerleaders is examined. The guys talk some Brock and his UFC 200 win. Then close out and talk about Hulu’s Raw. Hint, they love the addition of Enzo and Cass into a main angle.

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