This Week In Wrestling 4/10/16

evolve master

Fall 1

Pete and Johnny touch on Pete’s Mania Weekend. Discuss what’s coming up on and the current ROH TV.

Fall 2

Pete and Timothy look at all 3 Evolve shows. They discuss the best wrestling weekend ever? Hear about all the great matches. Plus the direction of Lucha Underground.

Fall 3 Pete and Johnny talk about all the NXT call ups. They share a cry over the Daniel Bryan special. Of course talk NXT,RAW, and even Smackdown.

00:06:07 NWA Classics Gary Hart vs. Mike the Big ‘Un
00:11:30 ROH TV

00:20;37 Fall 2

00:21:29 Lucha Underground
00:26:15 Evolve 58
00:53:40 Evolve 59
01:18:13 Mercury Rising

01:52:57 Fall 3

01:53:43 WWE 24 Thank You Daniel
02:03:43 NXT call ups
02:23:43 NXT tv
02:29:46 RAW
02:52:14 SD!​

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