This Week In Wrestling 3/6/16


Fall 1
Pete and Johnny check out Gino Hernandez vs Sicodelico from Then we check out the current ROH TV. Is Punisher Martinez a future ROH star? Is Lio Rush? Find out what the guys think.

Fall 2
Pete and Timothy check out Lucha Underground. Then the ROH ppv, and Progress Ch 26. They both decide on a MOTYC that came out of nowhere.

Fall 3

Pete and Johnny look at another well booked NXT. Johnny explains what the modern babyface style classic is. Edge and Christian episode 2 breakdown. Pete shares his conspiracy on the show. Then the boys look at Raw, and watch them book the beatdown of a babyface just like Pete described the previous week with how they should have done with Reigns. Johnny criticizes WWE and the world goes wild. Does Johnny handle Pete being 100% right good or bad. Listen and find out.

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