This Week In Wrestling 3/27/16


Fall 1

Pete and Johnny talk Daredevil season 2. Then talk The match of the week is the LLT Cage match from 8/26/83 between Ted Dibiase and Hacksaw Duggan. Pete talks about the Jake Roberts show he went to. Then the boys finish off with ROH TV.

Fall 2

Pete and Timothy talk about LU Aztec Warfare 2. What worked and didn’t work. We look at Evolve 56 and the ROH Philly show. They discuss all the matches in detail.

Fall 3

Pete and Johnny talk the current episodes of NXT and WWE RAW.

Fall 1 00:00:30
Daredevil 00:04:33
NWA Classics Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs Ted Dibiase 00:30:33
Jake The Snake Roberts live 00:46:30
ROH TV 00:54:30

Fall 2 01:11:12
Lucha Underground 01:13:07
ROH Conquest Tour Philly 01:25:10
Evolve 56 02:06:10

Fall 3 02:40:36
NXT 02:40:54
RAW 03:05:42

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