This Week in Wrestling 2/21/16


Fall 1
Pete and Johnny look at 5/14/82 Tully Blanchard vs Wahoo McDaniel strap match. Pete talks about Lucha Underground, and the boys look at a great ROH episode.

Fall 2

Pete and Timothy talk both nights of the New Beginning shows from NJPW. Is Omega a player? Should Goto prioritize his ring work over painting his body?

Fall 3

Pete and Johnny breakdown SCSA pod with Big Show. They talk about a fun NXT show. Argue over RAW. Gush over AJ Styles and Miz, along with Charlotte’s heel work Heck even talk some Smackdown.

​Fall 1: 00:00:30 FastLane preview
00:05:15 NWA Classics Wahoo McDaniel vs Tully Blanchard Indian strap match
00:16:22 ROH TV
00:17:51 Lucha Underground

Fall 2: 00:22:25 NJPW New Beginning in Osaka and Niigata

Fall 3: 02:07:45
02:08:13 NXT
02:31:16 Steve Austin Show with Big Show
02:41:58 RAW
03:12:11 SD!