This Week In Wrestling 2/14/16


Fall 1

Pete and Johnny look at a great Terry Funk vs Mark Lewin 4/27/79 from Then the boys review different episodes of ROH.

Fall 2

Pete and Timothy first stop by the Temple at Lucha Underground. Then they swing by Georgia to join ROH in giving AJ Styles a good bye. Then check out the most current chapter of Progress.

Fall 3

Johnny and Pete look at shows on WWE network. They have a blast watching NXT and discuss the good, bad , and ugly of RAW.
Time Stamps
Fall 1: Funk vs Lewin 00:01:25
ROH TV 00:13:13

Fall 2: Lucha Underground 00:31:57
ROH Winter Warrior Tour 01/23/2016 01:07:54
Progress Ch 25 Chat Shit Get Banged 02:06:03

Fall 3: JBL’s WWE Legends with Ron Simmons 03:01:15
NXT 03:12:03
WWE Ride Along 03:34:06
WWE Raw 03:48:32‚Äč