SPACE CITY! – An NWA on Demand Podcast 2-9-16

Pete and Johnny are back to discuss a really fun week of matches on

On the agenda for today.

1. Les Thornton vs Jonathan Boyd 1/4/80
-Thoughts on Thornton as a worker, and Boyd as a promo.
2.Mr. Hito vs Nick Kozak 1/4/80
-How simple work can get over
-Who is our favorite version of JJ Dillon
3. Spoiler vs Ox Baker 1/4/80
-Johnny tells a great OX Baker ROH story
-Their memories of 1st seeing OX Baker in Escape From NY
-Thoughts about the psychology of this match.
4.Dick Slater vs Bob Sweetan 3/26/82
-Thoughts about how the guys flipped the structure on its head.
5. Hacksaw Duggan vs Buzz Sawyer Coal Miner’s Glove Match 12/13/85
-Pete’s memories of attending the show live.
-Psychology of the Coal Miner’s Glove.
-Memories of Hacksaw from Pete and Johnny’s youth.
6. Butch Reed vs Dick Slater NO DQ 12/13/85
-Memories of Pete’s live experience
-Is Slater a racist in this scenario
-Johnny explains the finish
-Pete shares his memories of the coconut insult that Slater uses.