This Week in Wrestling 12/2/16: Indy and International


Pete and Timothy are back for the week that was wrestling. On the docket for tonight.
-Thoughts on this as a go home show
-Was this ROH best show this year?
-Could Lio Rush be used as a heel?
-Alex Shelley as a commentator
-Thoughts on both matches
-Was this the perfect way to use Kyle O’Reilly as a promo?
-Did Adam Cole anchor the show?
2. Lucha Underground
-Is this the best way to book the Black Lotus Tribe?
-Was this the most repetitive show ever?
-How awesome was the build to Mantanza vs Rey match.
3. CWF Worldwide
-Ultimate Survivor
-How fun was the TV title concept
-What wrestler does Cain Justice remind Pete of?
-Was the main event a little confusing?
-Did the closing angle do its job?
4.Inspire pro-Fade to Black 2
-Pete and Timothy discuss the matches with star ratings?
-How good was the crowd?
-Is Ray Rowe vs Sammy Guervara a MOTYC?
-What famous match did Brad W compare it to?
-Some background on the promoter and promotion.
-How good was the show from top to bottom?

00:03:07 ROH TV

00:28:54 Lucha Underground

00:35:40 CWF Mid-Atlantic

00:51:53 Inspire Pro: Fade to Black 2