This Week in Wrestling 12-23-16: Indy & International

Pete and Timothy discuss ROH, CWF Worldwide, and NXT tv shows this week. Then we finish up with our Wrestling Observer Awards.

1. ROH
-The guys speculate on Kyle O’Reilly’s future with the company.
-The guys are wondering if Kyle isn’t under contract why waste this big moment.
-The guys also speculate on how they’re booking the new champion.
-Dalton Castle potential with a little repackaging.
2. CWF Worldwide
-Some really good wrestling on the show.
-The guys bask in the greatness of Matty Dinero.
3. NXT
-The build to the NXT Special
-Thoughts on the Australian Mean Girls.
-What did the guys think of the 4 way for the main event?
4. The guys Wrestling Observer Awards for 2016.