This Week in Wrestling 12-19-16: Indy & International

Pete and Timothy discuss things around the Indies.

1. The PWG poaching talent
-Hear their takes on this hot topic.
-Who should take the heat? The talent or PWG.
2. Timothy discusses his live PWG experience.
-His favorite matches
-His least favorite
3. Pete discusses his live Wrestle Circus experience.
-His favorite matches
-Things that missed
-Sammy Guervara a guy who should be a big time player
-Who really impressed Pete in their debut here
4. NXT
-Did WWE editing help or hurt the Joe vs Nak match.
-Was the show busy this week?
5. CWF Not World Wide Christmas Special
-Some cool aesthetics about the show
-More White Mike greatness
-Plus we go on and discuss the whole show.
6. AAW Windy City Classic
-Analysis and star ratings on all the matches.