This Week in Wrestling 11/28/16: WWE


Pete and Johnny are back to discuss things under the WWE umbrella.
1. WWE Story Time
-Which one was our favorite
2. NXT Takeover
-Discuss all the matches
-Who comes across as huge stars
-Speculation on Tye Dillenger
-How we would use Mickie James going forward
-Pat ourselves on the back about Goldberg turning into an open ended deal.
-Is a New Day heel turn coming up?
-Does the comedy in the Owens/Jericho act feel more suited for a midcard act? The guys take sides.
-Will 205 help the cruiserweights?
-Why Braun feels so special.
-Charlotte delivers another great 80’s style promo.
-Our thoughts on the main event
4. Smackdown Live
– Why go forward with more Ziggler vs Miz?
-Miz hits another home run, this time with Kalisto
-Ambrose the man of 1000 masks
-Is the James Ellsworth character getting stale?

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