This Week in Wrestling 11/25/16: Indy & International


Pete and Timothy are back talking some Indy and International wrestling. Topics Include

1. Wrestle Circus The Main Attraction
-Pete shares his live thoughts
-Pete and Timothy review 2 of the matches that made it online.
ACH vs Mr.450 vs Jordan Len-X vs Laredo Kid vs Bolt Brady
Prince Mustafa Ali vs Sammy Guervara…
Then talk about some of December’s card

-We talk about the tv show
-If Kyle O’Reilly fails in his quest to win the ROH title will he be labeled as the Lex Luger of ROH?
-What they liked and didn’t like about the Castle/Cabana angle.

3. Lucha Underground TV
-Thoughts on the White Rabbit tribe
-Prostituting their big gimmick match for nothing.
Thoughts on the matches.

4. CWF Worldwide
-Ultimate Survivor is here
-The guys discuss the booking
-The Announcers role is discussed
-Who impressed them on the show.

5. PWX: X-16 Night 1 and 2
– The guys talk about all the matches and give star ratings.
– Some things they liked and didn’t like on the show.
-We discuss the things that we didn’t like about the Flo-Slam presentation.

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