This Week in Wrestling 11/18/16: Indy & International


Pete and Timothy check out some key shows this week.
-ROH we discuss the most recent episode. We look at Adam Page and his lack of connection with the crowd.
-Lucha Underground has Aztec Warfare 3. We discuss what we liked and what we didn’t. We discuss booking decisions that have helped cool down the company from a year ago. Are their better female options than Sexy Star? Hear the guys thoughts.
-CWFWorldwide is looked at. We look at all the matches. Does White Mike have a babyface run in him? The guys discuss key factors on what makes the show consistent.
-Rev Pro Global Wars Night 1. We analyze each match and give star ratings. Is Shibata the right guy to be Rev Pro Champ? Was having Sabre Jr. be the heel good for business? Would the current audience know the significance of Flying Yamada? Is Marty regressing? This and much more.

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