SPACE CITY! – An NWA on Demand Podcast 11/13/16


Pete and Johnny are here to talk about all the releases from for the week. These matches are all part of the Paul Boesch Houston Wrestling collection. The collections range from the 60’s -86. On the docket for tonight:

-Fabulous Ones vs The Guerreroes 12/27/85
Pete keeps putting his foot in his mouth discussing the racial overtones. Johnny loving Paul’s Boeschisms.

-Mark Lewin vs Tor Kamata 10/26/79

-Jose Lothario/Halcon/Mil Mascaras vs Gino Hernandez/Gran Markus/Gran Goliath 10/26/79

-Jerry Lawler vs Masked Superstar 12/27/85

-Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs Buzz Sawyer Dog Collar Match 12/27/85

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