This Week in Wrestling 11/13/16: International and U.S. Indy


Welcome to the first International and Indy show for This Week in Wrestling. Previously broken out by segments in one show, TWIW will now be separate shows with additional depth layered in.

1. We have a great interview with Al Lenhart the owner of the new hot Indy promotion Wrestle Circus.
-Are Kevin Kelly and Christopher Daniels fingerprints over the booking and talent acquisitions?
-Is ROH signing bigger wrestlers a trend going forward?
-Thoughts on the New Kingdom
3. Lucha Underground TV
-Thoughts on all the matches
-What worked and what didn’t
4. CWF-Mid Atlantic TV
-Thoughts on the show
-Commentary hits a home run again
-Nick Richards is he better suited as a face or heel?
-The young boy Justice impressed.Hear the guys thoughts on him.
5. NJPW Power Struggle
-Was the opening match the perfect type of match to open a show?
-Our issues with SANADA?
-Omega doing Jim Cornette spots? Blasphemy
-Analysis and Star ratings on the matches

00:00:38 Interview Al Lenhart of Wrestle Circus

00:57:32 ROH TV

01:16:00 Lucha Underground

01:31:42 CWF-Mid Atlantic Worldwide

01:44:32 NJPW Power Struggle

Wrestle Circus: The Opening Act highlights –

Pete’s match of the night: Keith Lee vs. Donovan Dijak –

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