This Week in Wrestling 10/23/16


Fall 1

It’s Pilot season over at @PWO, listen here to find out how to join. Then Pete and Johnny go crazy over a Jose Lothario/Al Madril vs Dick Murdoch/Killer Brooks from 3/31/78 on . Then Pete discusses the most recent recent ROH tv. He talks about why the War Machine vs Lee and Taylor feud appeals to him. What bothers him with Bullet Club in ROH and also how he would have booked Kincaid in ROH.

Fall 2

Pete and Timothy discuss Wrestle Circus debut in Austin,Texas. Hear his thoughts on what he liked, and what didn’t work for him. A potential problem going forward. Then the guys discuss the Tony Nese vs Sammy Guervara that made You Tube. Then we discuss the current episode of Lucha Underground and CWF-Mid Atlantic. Then they finish up with AAW Night 1 of the Lyman tournament. Hear detailed thoughts and star ratings on all the matches.

Fall 3

Johnny is back and we discuss things under the WWE umbrella. On NXT did they strike it rich with the Swan, No Way Jose Team? Do the guys ever get bored hearing Bruno Sammartino speak? On Raw did the Golberg segment meet their expectations? Do the boys think this will morph into a longer run? Smackdown causes some arguments. Pete and Johnny argue about the whole Wyatt-Orton dark arts feud. Johnny thought this was the last of James Ellsworth. Pete thinks there is more to come. Plus he fantasy books the Mulkey’s into the angle. Then we break down Talking Smack. They talk about Baron Corbin, and how great he was here.

Time stamps:

00:00:30 Fall 1
00:02:49 NWA Classics Jose Lothario & Al Madril v Dick Murdoch & Killer Tim Brooks
00:10:30 ROH TV
00:25:02 Fall 2
00:34:12 Wrestle Circus: The Opening Act
01:09:22 Lucha Underground
01:26:25 CWF Rumble
01:36:30 AAW Jim Lynman Tournament Night 1
02:16:35 Fall 3
02:16:50 Legends with JBL Bruno Sammartino
02:24:00 NXT
02:44:46 RAW
03:25:58 SD!
03:51:33 Talking Smack!

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