This Week In Wrestling 10/02/16


Fall 1

Pete and Johnny look at the NWA ON Demand match of Eddie Gilbert vs John Tatum. The They talk about ROH TV. Is the Christopher Daniels promo belong in the all time great promos of wrestling History? Did Kevin Sullivan take Johnny’s booking idea of him and Bray Wyatt and work into ROH? Hear what the boys think?

Fall 2

Pete and Timothy talk about the live Indy’s show they went to. Pete talks up a fun Inspire Pro show he went to. While Timothy talks about AWS Ladies Night. Then they break down the current episode of Lucha Underground. Are they getting stale? Hear what the guys say.
Does CWF Mid Atlantic put on another great tv. Check out the takes from the guy. Then we finish up with the PWX show that had Anthony Henry vs Matt Riddle on. Is it a MOTYC?


It’s all WWE. Find out who the true MVP of Smackdown is? Recaps of NXT, RAW, Smackdown, and the crown jewel. Talking Smack? Did Cena channel his inner Jerry Lawler here?

00:00:30 Fall 1
00:03:51 NWA Classics “Hot Stuff” Eddie Gilbert v “Hollywood” John Tatum
00:13:33 ROH TV
00:30:43 Fall 2
00:54:40 Lucha Underground
01:04:40 CWF-Mid-Atlantic Worldwide
01:16:40 PWX Redemption
01:42:06 Fall 3
01:42:24 WWE Ride along
01:53:50 NXT
02:16:55 WWE RAW
02:46:11 SD! LIVE

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