This Week In Wrestling 06 – 19 – 2016


This Week In wrestling is back with a very special episode for those of you that love #2, fall #2 that is. All three falls could easily be a second fall on any other episode of This Week in any arena in any English-speaking or at least English-understanding country in the world.

Fall 1: Pete & Timothy look at this weeks episode of Lucha Understand with the “Six to Survive” match. Who is the going to Ultima Lucha? Who’s feuds are progressed? Who, unlike Adam Rose, is against hitting a woman? And the biggest question of all who thought this match needed to be an entire episode?

After that Pete & Timothy finish up the Super Strong Style 16 tourney will a look at Night 2 or “The Chris Hero show” which at this point could describe the entire independent wrestling world.

Fall 2: Pete & Timothy are back were they belong in second fall and they are talking about RPW Live From The Cockpit 6. This was broken up in to two different episodes of RPW TV and it was quite the house show. RPW mid-card workers shine getting a chance to work with bigger American names with less on the line. Pete Dunne, Josh Bodom, and James Castle all get to show off but who is the star of the group? Meanwhile ZSJ and Wil Ospreay continue their ever building epic rivalry to see who will be the break out star of the UK scene.

Fall 3: Pete & Timothy (you see the pattern?) are talking about the big show RPW Sabre vs. Angle. The card has everything from rising to established stars in front of a packed house of rabid fans so, what could go wrong? It turns out quite a bit.

Listen to the guys as they talk over the strengths and weakness of the show then get into some of their signature brain storming to see what could have made the show better over all.

00:00:30 Fall 1

00:52:46 Fall 2

01:16:06 Fall 3

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