This Week in Place to Be Nation Audio – 6/15/18

In case you missed it, here are all the podcasts released across the PTBN Network this week. Enjoy your weekend!

In two new episodes of PTBN GWWE: Made the Cut (#7 and #8), JT and Aaron are continuing to break down their personal lists. Who made the cut? And why? JT & Aaron break it all down, so check it out!

In new episodes of #GameStruck4 Brad and Jordan share their history with the original PlayStation and give their four defining games of the system.

Returning for episode 37 of the Glenn Butler Podcast Hour Spectacular, Steve Wille joins Glenn & Scott for another dip into the Spectacular Advice email, which you can reach right now at! This time the three discuss family planning, privacy vs. secrecy, and grilled cheese sandwiches.

Adam Murray and Andrew Riche continued their look at the NBA Offseason as they address the biggest summer needs for each team in the newest NBA-Team.

Scott & Nate continue to work through their GWWE List in part nine of Main Event’s GWWE Countdown Special.

In the third episode of the Marvel Age Podcast, the Sarcastic Four take a concentrated look at Marvel‘s output throughout the calendar year 1964!

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