This Week in 90’s Wrestling: March 8th-14th




Entertainment Tonight aired a fascinating piece on steroids in professional wrestling, which specifically spotlighted Superstar Graham and Bruno Sammartino. Graham conservatively estimated that 90% of all wrestlers used steroids. Bruno claimed to have never touched steroids, but agreed with Graham on the percentage.


The USWA held a card at the Dallas Sportatorium where Eric Embry and Steve Austin faced Bill Dundee and Gary Young in a strong ***1/2 match that was a role reversal of the Embry-Young feud of a few years earlier. This time, Gary Young was the babyface and Eric Embry as the heel.


WCW Monday Nitro aired an infamous show live from Worcester, MA, in front of 10,856 fans. Booker Kevin Nash wanted to show that it did not matter what was aired in the first hour, so to make his point, there were no matches for the full hour; instead, it consisted entirely of vignettes. The storyline furthered was that the NWO’s attempts to manipulate Ric Flair simply were not working, so they were going to up their game, which made zero sense considering that Hogan and Flair were beginning a double turn. The main event of the show saw Ric Flair face Goldberg in one of the highest Nitro quarter hours of the year, despite the weak lead-in. This was probably WCW’s biggest money match at this point in time, but sadly, they never ran the match again and both were being devalued by the week. The show did a 4.4 rating.

WWF Monday Night RAW aired a show taped on March 2 in Pittsburgh, PA. Jim Ross’s ill-advised heel turn attempt was furthered on this show as part of an angle devised to get Michael Cole more over as the lead announcer. The show was largely uneventful, but still pulled their highest rating of the year, a 6.46 rating.