This Week In 90’s Wrestling: March 29 – April 4


RINGS held a card in Hiroshima where Akira Maeda faced Volk Han in a *** match.

CMLL held a card at Arena Mexico where Love Machine lost his mask to Blue Panther in a ****1/4 match.

WWF Monday Night RAW aired live from Poughkeepsie, NY. At the conclusion of the show, bodyguard Sid attacked Shawn Michaels with a series of powerbombs, effectively turning Shawn babyface. Also on the show, Alundra Blayze defeated Bull Nakano to regain the WWF Women’s Title. She was attacked after the match by Bertha Faye to begin a new rivalry. The show drew an impressive 3.5 rating, even when going head-to-head with the NCAA finals. You can watch this show on the WWE Network.

In The “To Watch” Queue:
Konnan, Perro Aguayo & Rayo de Jalisco Jr. vs Cien Caras, Mascara Ano 2000 & Universo 2000 (CMLL 04/03/92)
Manami Toyota, Kyoko Inoue & Chapparita Asari vs Etsuko Mita, Mima Shimoda & Suzuka Minami (AJW 04/03/94)
Aja Kong & Toshiyo Yamada vs Yumiko Hotta & Sakie Hasegawa (AJW 04/03/94)
Toshie Uematsu vs Sonoko Kato (GAEA 04/03/96)
Michiko Nagashima vs Chikayo Nagashima (GAEA 04/03/96)