This Week In 90’s Wrestling: March 22 – March 28


SMW television included an obnoxious and overbearing segment on Tim Horner, where we learned that in addition to being amazing at everything he ever did athletically, he was also a brilliant singer. In a funny bit of irony, he then started singing “Shameless” by Garth Brooks. Also on the show, Jim Cornette attempted once again to debut his new tag team, but a group of rabid women find them and hijack their limousine.

WCW Pro aired a show taped on in Columbus, GA. In the main event, Ricky Steamboat faced Arn Anderson in a short but awesome ***1/4 match. Rick Rude attempted a run-in and Steamboat chopped him directly in the throat, which neutralized him. Even Paul E. Dangerously took a few bumps for Steamboat.

On WWF Superstars, Ric Flair and Mr. Perfect delivered a press conference with a room full of people who believed Miss Elizabeth when she denied that she ever had a relationship with Ric Flair. In a funny payoff, the room was completely empty.

WWF Wrestlemania XV aired on pay-per-view live from Philadelphia, PA, in front of a sellout 18,274 fans. In the main event, The Rock defended the WWF World Title against Steve Austin in a ***3/4 match. Also on the show, Butterbean knocked out Brawl For All winner Bart Gunn in quick fashion, effectively ending his WWF run. The Kane-Pete Rose running gag continued, with the baseball player attempting a sneak attack on Kane while wearing a chicken suit. Shane McMahon faced X-Pac and HHH turned on his DX partner, kicking off the heel run that solidified him as a top star. The Undertaker and Big Boss Man also squared off in the worst Hell In A Cell match ever. The show did what at the time was a record setting 800,000 buys, and you can watch it on the WWE Network.