This Week in 90’s Wrestling: February 8th – 14th



UWFI held the Final Battle show at Tokyo’s Budokan Hall. In the biggest match of his career to that point, Kiyoshi Tamura faced Nobuhiko Takada in a great **** match.

An unedited version of Jim Cornette’s rant against WCW from the February 6 episode of Saturday Night aired on SMW television. The version that aired on WCW television had some of Cornette’s more incendiary comments toward Jim Herd and other members of management removed.

On USWA television, Brian Christopher hinted at bringing in Lex Luger to the territory to continue the feud with the WWF. Also, a music video aired to House of Pain’s “Jump Around” to spotlight PG-13, who provided their own alternate lyrics over the track. Meanwhile, Doug Gilbert turned on brother Eddie to set up a match between the two at Monday’s Mid South Coliseum show.


SMW held Sunday Bloody Sunday in Knoxville, TN. Chris Candido and Tracy Smothers squared off in an action-packed ***1/4 match. In the main event, the Dirty White Boy defeated Brian Lee in a chain match to win the SMW Heavyweight Title.


All Japan Pro Wrestling television included an emotional tribute to the recently-deceased Giant Baba, featuring comments from Mitsuharu Misawa, Kenta Kobashi, Toshiaki Kawada, Akira Taue and Jumbo Tsuruta.

On Power Pro Wrestling, Sean Stasiak introduced valet of two weeks Stacy to his sister Terri, who was actually a WWF production assistant making her first appearance on camera. Terri insulted Southerners multiple times in the segment and in a funny moment, Jerry Lawler grabbed her and kissed her. What started out as a quick kiss ended up as an extended make-out session, and Stacy went from thinking Lawler’s response to Terri’s arrogance was funny to being offended in a great segment. Also on the show, Jim Cornette interrupted a Brandon Baxter promo to cut a scorched Earth promo of his own about people getting into pro wrestling that have no business being in it. Cornette insulted Baxter’s dead father, which resulted in Baxter slugging him and leaving him prone to an attack from a group of heels before Michael Hayes finally made a save.

The WWF held a special Saturday night edition of RAW, which was taped on February 8 from Toronto’s Sky Dome. In the main event, Steve Austin faced Vince McMahon, Ken Shamrock, Test, Kane, Chyna and the Big Boss Man in a gauntlet match that ended when McMahon pinned Austin to set up their pay-per-view match the following day. The show drew a 4.3 rating.

In The “To Watch” Queue:

Etsuko Mita & Suzuka Minami vs Shinobu Kandori & Harley Saito (LLPW 02/13/93)

Paul Orndorff vs Dustin Rhodes (WCW Worldwide 02/13/93)

Barry Windham & Paul Orndorff vs Dustin Rhodes & Cactus Jack (WCW Saturday Night 02/13/93)