The T.J. McAloon Show Episode 5: Brian Kitts and the You Can Play Project


Episode five of the T.J. McAloon Show touches on a very important subject: acceptance. This week we had on one of the founders of the “You Can Play Project, Brian Kitts. Brian and I talked about the advancements of the LGBT community in sports.

From High School to College to even the Pros, their movement has touched on the lives on athletes in helping them feel comfortable in their sport. Their work has spanned the NHL, CFL, MLS and other professional sport leagues and teams in being the leaders at accepting everyone for who they are.
If there’s one thing that comes from this week’s show it’s something that we said in the interview. Hopefully one day when an athlete comes out of the closet it isn’t met with a huge announcement. It’s just another athlete playing for another team.