The Steve Corino Show Episode 11 – Scotty Riggs


On this episode of The Steve Corino Show, the King of Old School returns to tell his story about his trip to the Great White North to celebrate Canada Day which featured his appearance wrestling for the Tiger Jeet Singh Foundation at TigerFest. He then speaks of his hell ride back to the Carolinas where he and his family drove straight into the eye of an approaching hurricane. Meanwhile, Dan informed Steve of the “actual” 11th episode that was recorded without him and subsequently locked in the PTB vault. The boys also gave a brief recap of the Money in the Bank PPV that was well attended by Place to Be Nation.

Then Steve was joined by former WCW and ECW star, Scotty Riggs, who spoke about his origins in wrestling, his relationship with former American Males teammate Buff Bagwell, and his time working for Dusty Rhodes. Other topics discussed were the aging process in wrestlers, Riggs’ friendships with Raven and Rob Van Dam and of course, dutch ovens.

The episode concludes with an abundance of Twitter Q’s, love, shameless plugs and a plea to ROH to put this podcast on their website.

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