The Special Relations #28: Not Goodbye, Just Bonjour

On episode 28 of The Special Relations join Calum McDougall, Rory McNamara and Ben Locke for some random chat with wrestling thrown in.

The boys battle technical and housework difficulties (and for once Ben has neither) to get the episode done.  We talk all things Wrestlemania weekend including our excitement levels (?) and picks for the big event.   

Ben then gives us a love letter to a company he is very much enjoying at the moment which then blends into a blind spot for one of us and then we watch a match from nearly 15 years ago which still holds up today.  At the end of the show Rory says his goodbyes as it’s our last recording for a few months whilst he goes and enjoys (that’s what it says here) fatherhood. 

Come for the concept but stay for the absurdity it’s the Special Relations.