The Special Relations #24: Hankies at the Ready

On episode 24 of The Special Relations join Calum McDougall, Ben Locke and Rory McNamara as they celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the podcast!

On the show Ben gets a few things off his chest about current day WWE and how it relates to him as a fan, this allows Calum and Rory to do the same.  The ten minute rule returns where Calum tries to make this year’s Survivor Series a bit more interesting (spoiler: it nearly works).

In the second part of the show we review the interview that took place between Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels for the greatest rivalries set.  As well as talking all things Montreal, Rory puts forward a theory that Shawn knew a lot more about the 95-97 period than he was letting on.  We wrap things up by going back to March 1991 and watching a hidden gem from the Hart Foundation and The Rockers whilst reminiscing about the two years of the show!

Come for the concept but stay for the rants and (for one month only) mostly serious debate, it’s the Special Relations!