The Special Relations #16: Wearing Hearts on their…um…Cocks

“It’s time for the sweet 16th episode of The Special Relations! 

Join Ben Locke, Calum McDougall and Rory McNamara as the journey out of lockdown begins!  We delve into the mailbag as Rory realises his true calling as the next Larry King by going through a range of topics such as Big Show/AEW, a UK Wrestlemania and our favourite music videos.  We then look at the Sasha Banks/Steve Austin interview and theorize about why it was so controversial, pivoting from there back to 2015 to watch a match Ben describes as a “masterpiece”!  We finish things off with a new feature that we have Punchily titled: ‘Talk Your Way Out Of This, Mate!’, in which Calum gets us to try and endorse topics that we would otherwise strongly balk at: including Wrestlemania 32! 

Come for the concept but stay for the absurdity, its episode 16 of The Special Relations!”