The Special Relations #11: Jamokes Need Not Apply

On the 11th episode of the Special Relations the chaps are joined by special guest, Actual American (but not a mud pie!) Logan Crosland! 

We open proceedings by discussing the Thunderdome and how aesthetically pleasing it is or isn’t. That is followed with a conversation ostensibly about WWE stars in Hollywood, but soon descends into chaos as we both reveal the number of WWE films and some of those films that we are sure you have all seen(?) 

The second half of the show we are joined by a special guest to help us sell some merch and we also mark the anniversary of Shockmaster’s wrestling debut by remembering some of our favoUrite ‘bad’ debuts.  We wrap things up with a visit to Logans happy place as we go back to 2000 and a match that would not be able to take place today (at least some of the spots would be different). 

All this and so much more on the latest edition of The Special Relations! 

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