The Ruthlessly Aggressive Podcast #18: 7/1/02 – 7/4/02

In this episode of the Ruthlessly Aggressive Podcast, Jake welcomes JT Rozzero and Logan Crosland to cover the 7/1/02 Raw and 7/4/02 Smackdown. The three man booth look at two notable shows falling in the same week, an unexpected opener between Brock Lesnar and Ric Flair, Jeff Hardy looking to make himself famous against Undertaker in a ladder match, Triple H maybe joining wthe NWO, the sorry state of Big Show, more fun from BookDust, Lance Storm trashing America, a fantastic moment for Edge and Hulk Hogan, the continued focus on young talent, a hot title match between Undertaker and Kurt Angle, and much more.  

Follow along through this progression through aggression!