The PTBN Sports Lounge #10 – NFC South, North & East Previews


Have a listen to the latest edition of the PTBN Sports Lounge. For the second week in a row it is all NFL all the time in the Lounge. Cowboy, Andy Flanagan, and fan favorite Cowboy, Sr. finish their NFL previews with in depth looks at the NFC South, North, and East. Superstar special guest John D’Amato joins the crew for the East segment. The banter between Giant lovers John and Andy with Giant hater Cowboy, Sr. is not to be missed. The crew finishes up with their Super Bowl picks. If you are a casual NFL fan or a football fanatic this is the podcast for you! As usual there’s plenty of room on the sofa so grab a drink, light a cigar, and take a seat in the Sports Lounge… the thinking man’s podcast here at PTBN.