The Multiverse of Fabulousness #13: Enter the AquaCave!

Travel through the multiverse where Jonnie Sea (@TheJonnieSea) is looking for worlds of pop culture variants!

On this episode, Jonnie is sharing some details on his personal pet project: The AquaCave Podcast! Jonnie travels to EARTH-AQUA and presents “mini” episodes of his three podcasts from The AquaCave?

Starman – Jonnie puts a match from the list of worst STAR RATED matches of all time on trial! This episode takes us to THE GREAT WHITE NORTH!

KINgFISh – This episode reveals some of the best SHANE MCMAHON shenanigans from the earliest episodes of WWF SUNDAY NIGHT HeAT!

Brightman – Jonnie tries to find connections between WrestleMania and the films that were Number One at the box office the weekend of various WrestleManias!

Plus, despite being a (shameless?) plug for the channel, this is ALL NEW CONTENT EXCLUSIVE TO THE NORTH SOUTH CONNECTION!