The Military Industrial Suplex #2: Secret Ageist Man


Tom & Dave discuss ageism in professional wrestling and the pervasive phenomenon of overt jeunistic attitudes perpetuated by the fans, personnel at all levels within wrestling organizations, and even the wrestlers themselves.

About MIS:
The Military Industrial Suplex is a new deceptively awkward and cultured pro wrestling podcast with tons of tasteful psychological nudity, breathy mixes of phantom percussion, and enough obscure references to make Samuel Pepys sound like Max von Sydow! Join hosts Tom & Dave, as the self proclaimed 21st Century Dynamic Dudes discuss the complex world of pro wrestling and how this unique world operates within real-world narratives while simultaneously creating its own shadowy tip of reality. A podcast that promises insightful conversations that are less “Davey Richards” and more Barney Stinson sitting in the corner of some dark cafe, drinking cold brew coffee, reading Kafka, and wearing a Operation Ivy t-shirt.

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