The Kings of Sport Episode 113: Destination Cancellation


Our friends at The Kings of Sport officially join the PTB feed with Episode 113: Destination Cancellation. Nate and Marcus have partnered with Place to Be Nation for close to two years and we’re excited to directly share their show with our audience through our podbean feed. You can find the complete archive of The Kings of Sport right here at Place to Be Nation of course!

The Kings are joined by Andy “Hat Club” Matas to discuss the Cleveland Cavaliers and their chances in the upcoming NBA Finals. Brian Mann also stops by to discuss Ring of Honor’s move to Destination America and what it means for the future of TNA. Plus, nationally syndicated TV host Byron Allen goes after President Obama in some interesting black-on-black crime.

Be sure to check out more from our good friend Nate Milton as he stars on Live Audio Wrestling’s Review-an-Impact. You can find his complete archive here.