The Glenn Butler Podcast Hour Spectacular, Episode 50: The Skywalker Is Risen

The Star Wars sequel trilogy has come to an end with The Rise of Skywalker, and The Glenn Butler Podcast Hour Spectacular is ON IT. Podcast diad Glenn & Scott welcome Alanna Kelly back to the show to cover all aspects of the new film, starting with a non-spoiler review to open the show. After that, they discuss how this movie treats its many characters, which storylines worked and which ones didn’t, and whether or not this is a satisfying conclusion to The Skywalker Saga. Don’t miss Alanna’s reaction to certain character developments, Glenn’s desperate search for hope, and Scott’s favorite part of the movie. Plus, it wouldn’t be a Star War without gratuitous cameos! (Spoilers begin after 16:00.)

Note: the traditional Spectacular score analysis will be included in a final wrap-up episode of our Star Wars Scores series, coming soon to Place to Be Nation Pop and all fine RSS readers near you.

Musical Selections from The Rise of Skywalker by John Williams
“The Rise of Skywalker”
“They Will Come”
“Anthem of Evil”
“Falcon Flight”

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