The Best of Kevin Kelly at Place to Be Nation

Kevin Kelly (courtesy of
Kevin Kelly (courtesy of

Kevin Kelly, the Voice of Ring of Honor and former WWE announcer and producer, is one of the most popular guests in Place to Be Podcast history (not to mention having his own show). Kevin has joined Scott and Justin numerous times to share his backstage knowledge of the WWF landscape, starting with the Brian Pillman gun incident in 1996 and continuing with in-depth analysis of each subsequent calendar year. There’s no better time to catch up on the great archive of Kevin Kelly on the Place to Be Podcast than today. You can find all of Kevin’s appearances right here on Place to Be Nation. Enjoy!

Kevin talks 2003 in the WWF, up through his leaving the company.

Kevin shares his thoughts on the WWF in 2002 – Part One and Part Two

Kevin talks the first half and second half of 2001 in the WWF

Kevin breaks down the great year of 2000 for the WWF – Part One and Part Two.

Kevin talks WWF in 1999 –  Part One and Part Two.

Kevin joins Joe Dombroski before WrestleMania to talk Ring of Honor.

Kevin talks about the WWF in 1998 – Part One and Part Two.

Kevin joins the podcast in an open forum format, taking questions on all aspects of professional wrestling.

Kevin talks WWF in 1997 – Part One and Part Two.

Kevin chats about his experience at the infamous 11/4/96 Raw.

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