Telly & Tea – Resteeping The Tea

On the newest episode of Telly And Tea join Mirandia Berthold and Ben Locke as they come back for the first regular episode of 2021 and spill the tea. We catch up on our personal lives, explain why we are putting 24 on the backburner and rebooting the show.

A beautiful cup of tea is still central to the show and was enjoyed by both. We also talk Falcon and The Winter Soldier and the themes the show raised and where it goes from here. In the second part Mirandia and Ben discuss all things Park And Recreation and our love for it and why Mirandia is Leslie Knope and how Ron Swanson is the manliest man who ever manned. We wrap things up with Mirandia recommending some comedies to replace Parks And Rec in Ben’s viewing rotation as well as the Netflix top 10. Come for the concept but stay for the reboot its Telly And Tea version 2.