Telly & Tea – Episode #1: 24 Season 1

In the first proper episode of Telly And Tea, join actual American Mirandia Berthold and actual Brit Ben Locke as they start a journey of discovery about tea and all its different varieties as well as reminiscing about some of their favourite TV shows. The tea that is chosen is Earl Grey and as well as talking about it and the history of tea, we also delve into the nitty gritty of tea etiquette. The TV show is 24 Season 1. As well as a deep dive into the main characters and plotlines, we also go back nearly 20 years and talk about how 24 revolutionised both the kind of programmes we were watching but also the way we consume television. We then talk about Mirandia’s current favourite show, The Great British Bake Off and who we are expecting to get through to the final. We wrap things up by Ben going through the UK Netflix Top Ten (they were all American shows thankfully) as well as diverting to talk of The Boys. Come for the concept bit, pull up a chair and have a nice cuppa whilst enjoying Telly and Tea!