Talk’n WCW #20: Lex Luger

Not a hoax! Not a dream! The packeege is real, and it’s the TOTAL PACKEEGE! Because you demanded it (or Jenny wanted to get it over with), Lex Luger at last takes center stage! This does prove to be our most divisive episode, which is to say that all three participants had light disagreements with each of their co-host’s match picks as well as the accolades (allocades?) of the man himself. Nevertheless, it may well be our most star-studded edition of the show, with the likes of Sting, Ric Flair, the Steiner Brothers, and Hulk Hogan represented in our “Flexy Lexy” match selections. More than power personified, does this versatile, consummate performer ever truly get his due? Join us for this episode chronicling the fits and starts of a sometimes frustrating, yet unforgettable career. Talk’n WCW: IR’FUTABLE EVIDENCE of excellence!