Talk’n Pop: Unsolved Mysteries

We’re back at Talk’n Pop with another Netflix review! This time out, it’s the revival of the popular, spooky anthology series that sent us all to bed with nightmares as children – Unsolved Mysteries! More than merely talking about the show however, Jenny and Tim decided to employ their considerable resources and vast intellects in the service of solving the mysteries! And be forewarned: SPOILERS abound. (Look, we can’t solve the mysteries without disclosing the mysteries!) Our forensic trail features the following:

*Memories of the OG Unsolved Mysteries and shows like it

*The late, lamented Robert Stack (not actually scary, you just thought so because of the pants-shitting opening theme)

*Competing theories on the sad fate of Rey Rivera

*A possibly unfair narrative put forth by the documentary surrounding the disappearance and homicide of Patrice Endres (and justice for her future Too Hot To Handle contestant son, Pistol)

*Opinions on whether that evil French guy is still alive or what

*Alonzo Brooks, definitely dead as a result of foul play, but was it a hate crime?

*Multiple accounts of a 1969 UFO encounter and why UFO culture today has us plain shook

*A POS mom who totally killed her daughter and got away with it

Talk’n Pop: solving crimes, fighting… mysteries..? All of these stories are now solved of course thanks to our efforts, but do try to push past the too-scary theme music and check ’em out if you haven’t already so that it all makes sense. Finally, we close things out with an impromptu “state of the show” (no, it isn’t going anywhere). Because amateur sleuthing for two hours apparently wasn’t enough content. Enjoy!