Talk’n Pop: Religion and Politics Edition with JT Rozzero

Because nobody demanded it except ourselves, it’s the Talk’n Pop: Religion and Politics edition! Semi-regular guest JT Rozzero joins Jenny and Tim to air a litany of grievances, particularly concerning the Catholic Church and its perverse relationship with U.S. politics. BUT FIRST! We solve America’s obesity epidemic, with a our first half devoted to recent weight loss efforts and ongoing struggles. It’s an overstuffed installment with discussions around:

-The group’s personal weight loss histories
-The sobering reality of long-term weight loss success
-Exercise being the absolute worst
-The health costs of shitty eating and the financial costs of healthy eating
-Rage eating
-Un-Christian behavior by supposed adherents of the faith
-Mental gymnastics in lieu of critical thinking-The alienating and polarizing effects of America’s two-party system
-Incendiary language and reactionary takes that don’t help anyone
-Why the world changes but policies don’t

All this, plus: annoying free-range children (and asshole neighbors)! Crucifying your cousin (for fun)! Getting in trouble for laughing at your church’s jazzy porno music! Indeed, it’s a lighthearted touch to some (ahem) heavy topics on an episode stepping wildly outside our lane. So take up the cause with Jenny, Tim, and JT as Talk’n Pop Makes America Work Again!

JT has previously appeared on episodes 1, 4, 7, and 14 of Talk’n Pop, all of which are available on the Place To Be Nation POP archives at He can be heard regularly on Place To Be Nation Wrestling’s Extreme Three Way Dance, No Holds Barred, Wrestling War Zone, and Place To Be podcasts. Follow JT (and PTB!) on Twitter @Place2BeNation.


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