Talk’n Pop: Calvin Crowell

Hey, remember when Talk’n Pop used to feature guest interviews as a means to exploit, err better get to know our various acquaintances? Even in these times of social distancing, we felt like we were well-overdue to host someone in our third seat… and WHOA was it ever worth the wait! Jenny and Tim proudly welcome our dear friend Calvin Crowell, for not only his TnP debut, but first-ever podcast appearance! Over the course of this wild, roller coaster, cherry-poppin Q&A, you shall learn the meaning of the following:

-Hard knocks on the Heroin Highway 

-Young scumbaggery, and skulduggery 

-The mother of all bad break-ups 

-I broke my back. No, really! 

-The importance of keeping your relationships “professional” 

-Clean up on aisle… all of them 

-The Perverted Ride of Paul Revere, and other bedtime stories 

-How to handle intellectually impaired stalkers 

-Growth through adversity 

Despite taking full advantage of Calvin’s decree that nothing was off limits, this still feels like only a brief highlight reel of his colorful life. We always love a first timer, but man. This was so good we should have to pay for it!