Talk’n Pop #7 – Beverly Hills, 90210 Retrospective

Remember when Dylan’s dad blew up? Or that time a pirate made off with his fortune? What was the deal with Brenda’s animal rights activism? Where were you when Kelly got her pretty face burned off? Did you learn how to roll a joint from watching Valerie? How about Donna and David finally consummating their relationship? Did you have a crush on Emily Valentine? Who was Noah, again?
Oh yes, by POP-ular demand, Talk’n Pop tackles a topic over five years in the making. It’s our scorching-hot retrospective on the signature teen network drama of the ’90s: Beverly Hills, 90210! Jenny and Tim proudly welcome an all-star panel of Greg Phillips, JT Rozzero, and Scott Criscuolo for this extraordinary, decade-spanning trip down memory lane. Melt with us as we gush over all our faves – the unforgettable characters, the outrageous moments, the tumultuous relationships, and the “very special” issues of the day. Plus! Who we shipped; age-inappropriate casting; most memorable guest and supporting players; personal peak show eras; and Ray Pruitt’s greatest hits. Finally, we close out the festivities with several rousing rounds of F-M-K. (Because how can we not?)
Tune in to Talk’n Pop, and fall in love with THE most iconic, bodacious, and addictive primetime soap all over again.

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